The Fool begins his journey...

Ascend is a first-person narrative driven exploration game where the player takes up the role of The Lost Wanderer.

Adrift in a world with purpose forgotten, they are pursued by a mysterious Tower, forever rising in the distance.

Steel your nerves and enter the Tower, each floor housing prodigious worlds with many astray individuals of their own.

Come to understand these lost people and the Tower will reveal it's mystery, and purpose.

Everything we see is not truth, but perspective...

Understanding those you aid is the only way of finding the source of their emprisionment, and the only hope you have of unshackling them from their bastille.

Master empathy and peer into their thoughts and viewpoint, enkindling their strife within yourself.


* Mobile app has only been tested on HTC Nexus 9 tablets, some bugs may occur on other devices