12 Hour Game Challenge 2011


Foxtrot by Romulous and Reemedus: Foxtrot is a game that encompasses the spirit of manifest in a literal and metaphorical way. You play as a fox (one of the pieces of manifest art in and of itself) as you travel through corridors that are littered with art pieces from manifest. Using your ability to change the orientation of the floor, the fox can collect these pieces, and depending on which you have collected, will appear on the gallery wall in the main foyer.
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ManiFAST by Big Britches: A game where you go fast and stuff. We threw Manifest in there. ManiFAST is frustrating and exhilarating but also frustrating, its an experience the player will love and hate. ManiFAST!
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Tour de Fest by Crump Crumpety Crump: The player takes the role of a photojournalist on a segway who has been tasked with going around manifest taking pictures of all of the events taking place. Players have to get to the events in time, with enough film, and then manage to take good pictures they can turn in on time to win.
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Yes, That's Gingrich by The Dirt Buttons: A two player competitive side-scrolling platform game where players race through Manifest by navigating through the insanity of the urban art festival. Featuring appearances by the Raal brothers (Warden and Borden), Newt Gingrich, and Brice Puls.
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Relay-fest by Mooney Mayhem: Relay-fest is a race based on three of Columbia College Chicago's creative disciplines. As the player races to the finish line in the least amount of time, the themes change from Game Design to Writing to Music. The rules of how to play Relay-fest change according to the theme.
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Manifest Destiny by Monster Mash: Manifest Destiny is a two player cooperative Auto Runner where the two players are tethered together and must help each other survive as long as possible while getting as high of a score as they can.
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Foxtrot ManiFAST Tour de Fest Yes, That's Gingrich Relay-fest Manifest Destiny