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PC System Recommended Specifications:
         Windows XP/Vista

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz w/ 3 GB RAM

DirectX 9 Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator

                 with 512 MB of video RAM

1280 x 800  Capable Monitor
Local Area Network (required for play)

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Dismantle Repair is the culmination of the 2009 year-long Game Studio senior project at Columbia College Chicago. It is a 16-player, team-based, Windows PC LAN game of resource collection and tower building. It was created by 26 students from the Art/Animation, Design/Development, Programming and Sound Concentrations using as close to industry-standard best-practices and structures as could be managed in an academic environment. Ultimately, what stands is whether or not the game itself is fun and engaging, and we think you'll find Dismantle Repair to be exactly that.

Dismantle Repair game Copyright 2009 Columbia College Chicago Game Studio 2009
All Rights Reserved. Some content used under license.