The Metacosmic Earth-Race is a first-person racing platformer for 2-4 players. Taking place in Generic, New Mexico after the crash of the spaceship Metacosmic, it follows a motley crew of characters as they race through the ship, collecting artifacts and defying the laws of gravity. Developed by a crack team of students at Columbia College Chicago, this high-speed game is not one to be missed!


System Requirements:
Windows XP or later
Intel or AMD Processor @ 1 Ghz
512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for Vista)
100% DirectX compatible video card with 256 MB video RAM required
DirectX 9.0c+

Download Link: Here


  • What kind of game is Metacosmic Earth Race?
    Specifically, it is a first-person platforming race, but you need a high score to win, so it's not exactly a conventional race.
  • How many people can play at once?
    The game actively supports 2, 3 and 4 Player LAN.
  • How many people worked on this game?
    51 if you include our professors (which we do).
  • Who worked on this game?
    The wonderful senior class at Columbia College Chicago who decided that working on a large group project would be more fun than smaller group projects.
  • Will this game be on any major marketplaces?
    Due to the game being developed in an educational setting, all of our software is on academic license. All team members own the game in equal shares as well. Getting it onto major platforms would be a legal nightmare, so we decided to release it here for free instead!
  • Why is this game so awesome?
    We had great leaders and a great team willing to follow them! Everyone's questions and concerns were considered, and everyone was given a voice.
  • I want to make games. How should I get started?
    Send us an email! We would be glad to answer any of your questions.
    Colin McInerney @ or Alex Spriggs @