Presence's Hand
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In Astray: A Forsaken Tale the player plays as a young princess who is being pursued by twisted guards within a dark, distorted medieval castle. A Demonic Presence that has set its sights on the young girl haunts the castle. The young girl is able to hide in small cramped spaces in order to avoid detection. She can utilize shadows, beds, closets, and anything larger than herself to hide in, under, or behind. The giant stone castle environment has looming corridors, disturbing dungeons, and secret passages with a dark, dreamy feeling. Various assets within the castle are exaggerated fantastically to reflect the girl's twisted fears. The enemies pursue the girl, making stealth a necessity. As the player attempts to escape the pursuers via stealth and evasion, the player searches for various items and notes that tell the story. These fragmented bits slowly lead the player to the truth haunting the castle.

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